Table Topics Master

Before the meeting prepare a list of questions

  • Usually 6-8 questions related to the theme if possible
  • Keep questions fairly simple to answer
  • Keep comments prior to the questions brief

Call on people who don’t have a role to give them an opportunity to speak. If you run out of Toastmasters that don’t have a role then call on guests or Toastmasters with roles like Inspiration, Grammarian, Timer, Ah Counter. It can be helpful to write down who you intend to call for each question before the meeting starts. Check the time and if the meeting is running late check with the Toastmaster as to how many questions you have time for.

When you begin speaking, describe the purpose of Table Topics (Example: This portion of our meeting is intended to help us develop our ability to organize our thoughts quickly and respond to an impromptu question. It also helps us work on our listening skills because you don’t know when you may be called and we don’t repeat the question.)

Before we begin, Timer may we please have the timing rules for table topics?

And would our Grammarian please repeat the word of the day?

Remind the audience to use the word of the day to qualify for a vote if the Grammarian doesn’t mention it.

Talk about the theme of your table topics and then begin questions.

Closing – announce completion of questions.

Timer may we please have the timing results.

And grammarian did everyone use the word of the day?

Please cast your vote for best table topics speaker for (list the names of all participants who qualified)

I will now turn the meeting back over to our Toastmaster.