General Evaluator Script

Madame/Mister Toastmaster, fellow members and guests

This is the evaluation portion of the meeting and the purpose of my role as General Evaluator is to introduce the Evaluators and then give a general evaluation of the meeting. Evaluating is an important part of the Toastmasters program because in giving and receiving feedback we improve our speaking and leadership skills. A good evaluation should be helpful, encouraging, and motivating.

Before we begin -(Timer) could we please have the timing rules for the evaluations?

Our first evaluator this evening is _________. He will be evaluating ____________’s speech.

(Use the evaluator’s response to one of the questions for their intro)

Please help me welcome ____________to the lectern.

(Repeat for each evaluator)

Thank you to all of our evaluators this evening.

Timer did all of the evaluators meet the timing qualifications?

Ok, everyone please cast your vote for best evaluator. (name each that qualified)

While you are doing that I will share some feedback about our meeting.

(Comment on anything noted below or anything you observed that was done well)

How well the Toastmaster did in organizing and running the meeting.

Thank everyone who had a role or filled in to cover roles.

How well guests were greeted

If the meeting started on time or not

The theme

Table Topics

The Speakers performances

The Evaluator’s performances

The Timing and Vote Counting procedures

Be brief and make only one or two comments on each item. Or pick just a few to talk about and speak more in depth on those.

Point out one thing that we could do better in our meetings if you notice something that could be improved.

Return control of the lectern to the Toastmaster