Evaluator Script

You will be asked to stand and share the speaker’s objectives before they are called up to give their speech.

Talk to the speaker and get their manual before the meeting starts or during the break. Find out if they have any specific objectives. Read through the project and objectives so you will know what to listen and look for as they give their speech. If the speaker has shared any additional objectives be sure to consider those as they give their speech so you can comment on how well they met their objective when you give your evaluation.

When called, stand and state which project the speech is and which manual it is from –for example:

This is project #2 in the Competent Communication manual Organize Your Speech. (name of speaker)’s speech title is ___________________ and is 5-7 minutes. (check with the speaker to confirm the timing length)

(name of speaker)’s objectives are: Read the objectives from the manual and share any specific objectives if the speaker provided any.

When you are called up to give the evaluation:

Thank you! Madame/Mister Toastmaster.

Address the speaker by name and look at the speaker as you give the evaluation. You can look at other members of the audience occasionally but your main focus should be on the speaker.

Thank the speaker and begin your evaluation.

It is good practice to point out at least 2 things the speaker did well, then share a suggestion for improvement, and then one more thing the speaker did well. You can wrap up with a short summary of each point or just talk about a particular thing you really liked about the speech. It’s nice to end on a positive note.

P, P, I, P – Praise, praise, improvement, praise.

It is also helpful to point out specifics –like show a gesture that was effective or repeat something that was said using vocal variety or with an interesting use of language.