History of Best of Dallas Toastmasters

Best of Dallas Toastmasters began in 2015 when several members of Big D Toastmasters (which was becoming quite large) decided to form a new club in order to create more opportunities to take on leadership and speaking roles. These members were quickly joined by several others who were new to Toastmasters, and the club officially chartered in June 2015. Best of Dallas still retains a strong relationship with its sister club, Big D. While new, Best of Dallas Toastmasters is a strong group, with members of all skill levels and degrees of experience. We are not just aware of the history of our club, we are writing it.

History of Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International was founded by Ralph Smedley in the 1920s. Originally organized at a YMCA facility as a way to help young men learn to speak, lead meetings, and organize groups, it has since expanded to include women and men of all ages in clubs around the world. To learn more about the history of Toastmasters, visit the history page at Toastmasters International.