Becoming a member of Best of Dallas Toastmasters

Step 1: Visit our club.
Is Best of Dallas Toastmasters a good fit for you? Is the commute and timing convenient? Do you connect well with the people? There’s only one way to find out: visit! Guests are always welcome at Toastmasters, and you can visit as many times as you like. And if it’s not the best situation for you, we can always help you find a club that’s more suited to your needs.

Step 2: Apply for membership.
You can download a PDF of our membership application here, or get a copy at the meeting from our VP of Membership Chi Njoku or Sergeant-at-Arms Danny Oberst. We’ll help you out with the details about the club and district, and figure out your first dues payment. (Psst: It’s less than the cost of a weekly latte.)

Step 3: Be voted In.
Traditionally, we ask prospective members to answer one question before voting on whether to accept their application. We have yet to reject a member, so if you aren’t rude, belligerent, or a serial killer, you can probably expect this to go well.

Step 4: Begin your Toastmasters journey!
Our VP of Education, Bill Bodwell, will help you to get on the schedule to give your Icebreaker speech if you’re new to Toastmasters, or whatever speech is next in your queue if you have already participated in another club. In the meantime, prepare to be called on for Table Topics and invited to take on other meeting roles, such as Ah Counter or Grammarian. Enjoy your new adventure as part of Best of Dallas Toastmasters, where leaders are made.