Best of Dallas Meeting Recap 1/28/20

Recap Author: Fernando G.

Hello fellow Toastmasters,

I filled in as Toastmaster of the evening for our last week’s meeting. Our theme was Silly Sounding Words. It was a catawampus meeting covering an assortment of odd or funny words such as gobo, malarkey, and gazebo.

A big thank you to Drew for starting the meeting on time and taking over the roles of Inspiration and Joke Master. Steve served as our Ah-Counter. David kept us on time as the Timer and Vote-Counter. Stephen was our Grammarian with the word of the day: Nincompoop.

Our Table Topics Master Tony had our members come up with the meaning of funny words such as didgeridoo and scobberlotcher.

Prepared Speeches:

Speech 1 – Sia “Teach a Man to Fish”

Sia made us aware of those who struggle with living under the poverty line. With an interest in financial literacy, Sia volunteered his time to teach budgeting skills and career advancement to others in hopes of increasing their salaries and improving their lives. A very noble goal Sia!

Speech 2 – Megan, “There’s No Crying in Leadership”

Megan doesn’t need to take personality tests anymore. She already knows her personality. She is the super emotional type. Megan has come to see these personality traits – positivity, future thinking, and empathy – not as anything that holds her back, but as who she is. They are framed as what she brings to the table, her strengths.

Speech 3 – Rochelle “The Daily Check In”

Much like the alarm on a microwave, we have our own signals in our mind that we need to pay attention to. Rochelle shared with us a tool to listen to our emotions, the Daily Check-In.


General Evaluator: Emily

Evaluator 1: John

Evaluator 2: Chang

Evaluator 3: Bill


Weekly Award Winners:

Best Table Topics: John

Best Speech: Sia

Best Evaluator: John

Most Enthusiastic: Tony