Best of Dallas Toastmaster Meeting Recap 11-12-19

Recap Author: Fernando G.

Sia Z. served as Toastmaster for the first time at our club! The theme was “Diet” and he discussed all manner of eating and dieting during the holiday season. Sia questioned the effectiveness of fad diets and encouraged us to make incremental changes instead. Not a diet but a lifestyle change.

Thanks to all of our functionary roles for the evening.  Stefani W. provided our Inspiration.  Our Joke Master was Katie J.  Amanda B. served as our Ah-Counter.  Our Timer/Vote Counter was John P.  And our our grammarian was Steve M. with the word of the day: Panacea – A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.

As our Table Topics Master, Tony M., asked us questions concerning overeating and the stress of the holidays.

Prepared Speeches

Speech 1, Chang L., “Live Life to the Fullest”
Chang led us to ponder questions such as “What could have been?” and “Why did I choose this?” Chang shared some of his own life experiences and the decisions has made that shaped his life. Although he interviewed for jobs in different cities around the world, Dallas offered something new and so he took the plunge gaining a job he loves, a new house, and a fiancee! He was the only one in his class to have chosen his major of sustainability management, and it provides him a career with a different challenge each day. Chang travels to new cities with his time occupied 24/7. From road trips to Key West, Las Vegas, and hiking on Mt. Rainier in Seattle. He recommends the Podcast “How I built this” and to try new things and see what happens.
Speech 2, Chad B., “Meditation”
Chad offered us an insight into the benefits of meditation which have allowed him to control his “racing thoughts.” Meditation originated around 1500 BCE in India and the name itself comes from the Latin meditatum meaning to ponder. The practice grew in popularity into meditation halls, and eventually reached the US where today it is heavily capitalized. With so much meditation offerings, Chad recommends the app Headspace. There is evidence of a positive association between meditation and longer telomeres and increase in telomerase. Studies have shown that meditation can also be more helpful than even sleep!


General Evaluator: Elaine S.

Evaluator 1: Danny O.

Evaluator 2: Craig S.

Weekly Award Winners

Best Table Topics: John P.

Best Speech: Chad B.

Best Evaluator: Danny O.

Toastmaster of the Evening: Chang L.