Best of Dallas Toastmaster Meeting Recap 10-29-19

Recap Author: Fernando G.

We had a fantastic meeting last week with John P. serving as Toastmaster for the first time at our club. The theme was “Halloween” and we were all invited to show up in costume. John shared with us the influence Halloween has had on a few of our own members and the astonishing fact that Americans spend about 9 billion on Halloween!

A big thanks to all of our functionary roles of the evening.  Rochelle B. served as our Ah-Counter.  Our Timer/Vote Counter was Viktoriya H. Our Joke Master was Travis K.  And our our grammarian was Chang L. with the word of the day: Ominous.

As our Table Topics Master, Steve M., picked an assortment of Halloween related concepts to guide his questions including black cats, bats, skeletons, and cemeteries.

Prepared Speeches

Speech 1, Vickie E., “The Golden Circle”
Vickie shared with us the power of “Why?” Following Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action,” Katie shared her experience in becoming a school principal and the types of mentors she faced that helped shape her leadership style. The “Golden Circle” gives us Clarity (Why? – Your purpose, course, or belief), Discipline (How? – your strengths, values, and guiding principles), and Consistency (What?-the services offered or role at work).

Speech 2, Stefani W., “The Need for Root Cause Analysis”
Stefani shared with us a proposal she plans to give to a plant manager on a Root Cause Analysis as a solution to the loss of product at Daisy Brand. She gave a persuasive argument on the problems employees might be facing and explained the strength of a root cause analysis in giving multiple ways to solve the problem much like a root system. She plans to form a team that can move into other departments, be used to increase the skill of supervisors, and ultimately turn product loss into effectiveness.

Speech 3, Megan W., “Death by Exposure”

What’s scarier than death? How about losing everything you love and worked for. As a florist, Megan gave us a speech showing the annoyance and harm small businesses face when paid with “exposure.” Exposure is cannot be used as payment anywhere. People sometimes fail to understand that although a small business can be fun, it is still a lot of work. Megan encourages us all to consider supporting small business this upcoming holiday season.


General Evaluator: Katie V.

Evaluator 1: Amanda B.

Evaluator 2: Katie J. 

Evaluator 3: Bill B.

Weekly Award Winners

Best Table Topics: Joe Y.

Best Speech: VIckie E.

Best Evaluator: Amanda B.

Toastmaster of the Evening: Travis K.