Best of Dallas Meeting Recap 1/7/20

Recap Author: Fernando G.

We had a fun first meeting of the new year. Bill B. served as our Toastmaster of the evening and picked the very timely topic of New Year’s Resolutions. Bill shared with us some statistics on New Year’s resolutions among people in the US including that 18% of Americans make resolutions. Common popular resolutions are better finances, losing weight, learning a new skill, or being more eco-friendly.

Drew T. served as our Inspiration.  Rochelle B. was our Joke Master.  Stefani W. was our Ah-Counter. I (Fernando G.) kept us on time as the Timer and Vote Counter. Danny O. served as our Grammarian with the Word-of-the-Day: Fortitude.

Steve M. served as out Table Topics Master.

Prepared Speeches:

Speech 1, David H.

David shared with us his thoughts on New Year’s resolutions and his goal of running a marathon. To make it easier to develop a new habit, David gave us three tips from James Clear in Atomic Habits. 1. Make habits easy. 2. Make habits more rewarding/fun. and 3. Have a system of accountability.

Speech 2, Craig S.

Craig gave us some advice for men in keeping attraction in a long term relationship. Some helpful advice includes not developing a mother/son relationship or boss/employee relationship with your wife. And don’t think that you can get married and then you are done and are free to sit on the couch all day.

Speech 3, Joe Y., “TNT Toastmasters”

Joe scoped out another Toastmasters club, the TNT Toastmasters. This club was voted as having the best website in the district so Joe set out to see what he could learn. This club has more roles than our own despite only being an hour long. Among their membership they have a World Championship speaker and two former Toastmasters International presidents.

Speech 4, Katie V., “Leadership Learning Experience”

Katie shared her experience with a high performance leadership project in running the Area 35 speech contest. Katie learned about the different forms of leadership such as formal authority vs earned, appreciative, persuasive, and directive authority. Katie was able to recruit several contest committee members and had an excellent contest.


General Evaluator: Emily P.

Evaluator 1: Megan W.

Evaluator 2: Rochelle B.

Evaluator 3: Nancy H.

Evaluator 4: Haley W.

Weekly Award Winners:

Best Table Topics: Lucille (guest)

Best Speech: Craig S.

Best Evaluator: Rochelle B.

Toastmaster of the Evening: Steve M.