Best of Dallas Meeting Recap 1/21/20

Recap Author: Fernando G.

A HUGE thank you to Joe Y. who filled in as Toastmaster for the evening. The theme for the meeting was Blessings. It was a blessing to have Joe lead our meeting. Joe spoke about the things in life he feels blessed with including his family, friends, and this past record-year as a salesman.Toastmasters remains the highlight of his week as well and Joe reminds us of the “It’s a Wonderful Life” quote: “Remember, no man is a failure who has friends”.

Tony M. served as our Inspiration. Drew T. was our Joke Master.

John P. was our Ah-Counter.  Kavon D. kept us on time as the Timer and Vote Counter.  Elaine S. served as our Grammarian with the Word-of-the-Day: Approbation.

I (Fernando G.) served as our Table Topics Master.

Prepared Speeches:

Speech 1,Megan W. “Floral Design 101”

Megan gave us an introduction to Floral Design. She came prepared with her own floral “speech prop” as a live demo. Her PowerPoint presentation covered topics such as Color Theory and Actual vs Implied lines.

Speech 2,Anthony W. “Be the Waiter”

Anthony spoke about the many jobs he had in high school starting at 14 years old as a roller coaster operator. Mentor-ship can come from anyone. His coworker at a Pizza Hut taught him how to maintain a level of integrity in which he approaches interactions with customers. Just be the Waiter.

Speech 3, Zak K. “Human Value”

Zak shared with us a previous upsetting conversation with a friend about an accident that caused a substantial loss of life. The story received little news in the press. Zak presented the Trolley Problem and asked us “What would you do?” Most people would pull a lever to save 12 men at the cost of 2, but no one would push a man over a bridge to make the same decision.


General Evaluator: Nancy H.

Evaluator 1: Danny O.

Evaluator 2: Steve M.

Evaluator 3: Kassi F.

Weekly Award Winners:

Best Table Topics: Wallace (guest)

Best Speech: Anthony W.

Best Evaluator: Steve M.

Toastmaster of the Evening: Fernando G.