Best of Dallas Meeting Recap 11/26/19

Recap Author: Fernando G.

We had a fascinating meeting this past Thanksgiving week. Nancy H. stepped in as Toastmaster for the evening with the theme: Conversations. Nancy opened up about being an extroverted introvert, and shared with us a list of Huffington Post dinner conversation starters including: ask them to explain their work, find something to complement them on, or for couples ask “how did you two meet.” Nancy also had great tips for the shy and quiet party goer such as: don’t go, practice beforehand, arrive early, or have an escape plan.

A big Thanksgiving thanks to our role holders. I (Fernando G.) gave our Inspiration.  Haley W. was our Ah-Counter.  Steve M. kept us on time as the Timer and Vote Counter. Rochelle B. served as our Grammarian with the Word-of-the-Day: Fascinating.

Katie V. served as out Table Topics Master and asked Thanksgiving themed questions that covered such topics as “What is a topic not to have during Thanksgiving”, “Which is more meaningful: Thanksgiving or Christmas”, and “What was your most memorable Black Friday purchase.”

Prepared Speeches:

Speech 1, Emily P., “Here We Ago Again, – and this Time… Better!”

Emily Pollastro reflected on two important communication styles. A supportive style and a Direct style. Emily described a company situation about a year ago involving the purchase of a competitor. She utilized a supportive style to help facilitate her interaction with a particular sales manager that was butting heads. When faced with a new team of former competitors and the excuse “We can’t do that.” Emily moved into a more direct communication style that forced action. In a few days she will find herself better prepared to face the same challenge with a new purchased competitor, beginning with an upcoming holiday party.

Special Segment:

Moments of Truth Report

Joe Y. shared with us a Report of the Moments of Truth meeting that gave us an overview of where we are as a club and what areas we can improve upon from better new member orientations, and updated website, to a map that gives a better idea of where our room is located.


General Evaluator: Lydia L.

Evaluator 1: John P.

Weekly Award Winners:

Best Table Topics: C.

Best Speech: Emily P.

Best Evaluator: John P.

Toastmaster of the Evening: Sumanth M.