Best of Dallas – Meeting Recap 2/6/2018

As usual, we had another fabulous meeting this Tuesday. It’s such a pleasure to have Danni Babik served as our Toastmaster for the evening. She picked a very festive theme: “Mardi Gras” not only sharing fun facts about this special holiday from its history to current celebration events but also bringing a big tasty KING CAKE which enabled us to savor every moment of the meeting from inside out. Thank you Danni, you really are a Pro!

Lydia Li kicked off the meeting with an inspirational speech talking about how important to express our feeling opposed to overly suppress and control it when it comes to either anger or joy. Let it flow!

As always, thank you for all the functionary role holders of the evening. Srishti Chad was Timer who stepped up to fulfill this role at the last minute. Miks Riggs was Ah-Counter who did a fantastic job not only catching the filler words but also pointing out everyone’s repetitive usage of the crunch words. I was super impressed with Mr. Bill Bodwell. As Grammarian, in addition to his choice of very theme related word of the day: “Hullabaloo”, he also projected a perfect report letting us know where and how we need to improve and where we did marvelous.

Bret, as Table Topics Master did a terrific job. He prepared several Mardi Gras questions in terms of people, costume, color, food etc which pretty much covered all aspects of our theme for the evening, helping our members to practice the impromptu speech at the same time flash on fun memories from the past Mardi Gras experiences.

Prepared Speeches

Speech 1, Steve Malecek, “Podium Palpitations”
Steve shared his first-time public speech experience with us. Although he’s equipped with necessary knowledge for the speech, it didn’t end up perfectly since he’s lack of some sufficient means. Through this incident, Steve realized the difference between necessary conditions and sufficient conditions. Knowing the subject material as he did with his first speech is a necessary condition, but it is by no means a sufficient condition for giving an effective speech which involves connecting with the audience, vocal variety, body movement. And those are exactly what we strive to boost in Toastmasters.

Speech 2, Chang Liu, “Sustainability, the Path Less Traveled”
Through Chang’s fabulous speech, we got to know what an intelligent, considerate and bold man he is from why he chose commercial real estate-Sustainability industry as his career path. Global studies and business double major introduced him to the world of sustainability. The severe pollution environment in where his grandparents live summoned his conscience and duty of society. And the last contributor stems from his adventurous spirit born in nature, which led him to “take the one less traveled by” when “two roads diverged in the yellow wood”.

Speech 3, Benna Buisi, “Baffling American Idioms: The idiom Challenge”
As always, Benna gave us another amazing speech filled with context and humor. She shared several personal stories stating how challengeable it is for her whose mother tongue is not English to grasp the real meaning of American idioms and how those misunderstanding caused her “problems”. One of her coworkers used to complain about her to Human Resource after Benna called her “pretty”/ “fat” (fat means pretty in Benna’s original country). In addition to the fun part, we also got to know the origin of the word “deadline” thanks to Benna (“do-not-cross” line in Civil War prisons-historical v.s. the latest date by which something should be completed-current).

Speech 4, Karen Polson, “Five Ways to Overcome Problems”
Thanks Karen for sharing 5 terrific tactics used for overcoming problems in our lives. Her speech taught us how to tackle the obstacles step by step with sensibility and logic:1) define what real problem is first. Avoid from complaining “not real” ones. 2) find out what exactly caused the issue. 3) brainstorm the sensible solutions 4) pick one solution/direction fitting yourself 5) act on your solutions persistently.

Evaluation (Thumb up to all of you)
General Evaluator: Nancy Hart
Evaluator 1: Ebele Okocha
Evaluator 2: Anthony Williams
Evaluator 3: Mike Weibel
Evaluator 4: Karrie Butler

Weekly Award Winners
Best Table Topics: Elysha Johnson
Best Speech: Benna Buisi
Best Evaluator: Anthony Williams
Toastmaster of the Evening: Bill Bodwell

Elon Musk: “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor”

Thank you to all for the participation. Look forward to our meeting next Tuesday!
* These excellent meeting minutes were provided as always by the amazing Lydia Li! :-)