Best of Dallas – Meeting Recap 1/23/2018

* These excellent meeting minutes were provided as always by the talented Lydia Li! :-)

As January wears on and the unpredictable weather continues for many of us, coming to Toastmaster meeting every Tuesday is absolutely a delight of our lives!

This week, we are so lucky to have Haley Warzecha serve as Toastmaster for the evening. Haley conducted a phenomenal meeting filled with inspiration, sincerity and fun! By sharing a great number of brilliant advice of those Pros (successful people) from all walks of life, Haley made me realize one important lesson: real success always stems from a process of trial and error. We cannot be extraordinary without tasting failure. The extra bonus is that Haley even brought her source of inspiration to the meeting: the book named “Tribe of Mentors” (written by Tim Ferriss) from which she learns a piece of quote every day!

Then let’s give a hand to Benna Buisi, our inspirational speaker who talked about her appreciation toward Toastmaster club through sharing the “other (implicit) benefits” of our meetings: encouragement, friendship and confidence.

As always, thank you for all the functionary role holders of the evening. Mike Weibel was Timer. Elysha Johnson was Ah-Counter. Ebele Okocha as Grammarian picked the word of the day: “Extenuate”. I think we should learn to extenuate our anger when dealing with unreasonable people not worthy of our time.

Alex Griffin, as Table Topics Master expertly conducted this session. She prepared several theme-related and thought-provoking questions, helping our members to practice our impromptu speech.

Prepared Speeches

Speech 1, Anthony Williams, “Strong Views Loosely Held”
Our charismatic speaker, Anthony Williams gave us another motivational speech, talking about a very common phenomenon from daily life: Strong conviction may prevent us from seeking information but affirmation from other people. Consequently, we become very self-assertive losing the opportunity in hearing different voices. As we encounter this dilemma, Anthony encouraged us to loosely hold our strong views by 1) cognitively treating the interaction as a dialogue instead of debate 2) socializing with people out of normal friend circle to absorb different information intentionally 3) being prepared to be proved wrong.

Speech 2, Steven Malecek, “More Than Memories”
Steve delivered a fabulous speech as his comeback “show”. Starting with a real story filled with humor and vivid details, Steve talked about his memory of seeing his father working at farm squeezing milk from cows during the winter time in Minnesota. And this particular memory actually played a critical role in driving Steve to choose a different path in his career from his father. Inspired by his father’s endurance at the farm under cold weather and his own education/career pursuing, Steve realized a profound meaning behind it: Our experience contributes to pivotal life moments.

Evaluation (Thumb up to all of you)

General Evaluator: Danni Babik
Evaluator 1: Danny Oberst
Evaluator 2: Fernando Gonzales

Weekly Award Winners
Best Table Topics: Elysha Johnson
Best Speech: Steven Malecek
Best Evaluator: Danny Oberst
Toastmaster of the Evening: Danni Babik

Naval Ravikant: “Suffering is a moment of clarity when you can no longer deny the truth of a situation and are forced into uncomfortable change. Inside suffering is the seed of change.”

Thank you to all for the participation! Look forward to our meeting next Tuesday!