Best of Dallas – Meeting Recap 1/16/2018

We just had our first “normal” meeting in 2018 this Tuesday. Can’t be more thrilled about that! And it’s such a great pleasure to have Danny Oberst as our Toastmaster for the evening. He picked a very interesting theme: “Electronic Devices”, stating the importance of doing a digital-detox and sharing a great number of advice with us about how to “switch off” from those devices at same time enjoy a productive life, such as throwing ourselves in some social/outdoor events (hobby based community, church, family gathering) to interact with real people. Thank you Danny!
Then let’s give a hand to Terri Johnson, our inspirational speaker who warmed up our heart with a fabulous opening on that extremely cold night (24 F).

As always, thank you for all the functionary role holders of the evening. Elaine Scholly was Timer. Bret Johnson was Ah-Counter. Mike Weibel as Grammarian picked the word of the day: “Omnipresent”. I think our life problems are omnipresent and unavoidable, we shall not escape but face them, don’t you agree?

Dena, as Table Topics Master prepared several theme-related and thought-provoking questions, helping our members to practice our impromptu speech at the same time think things through different angels.

Prepared Speeches
Speech 1, Fernando Gonzales, “Presidents I Have Known and Loved”
Fernando gave us another fabulous speech which was fun as always and educational. It’s never an easy job to engage with audience when people are sharing historical facts. Fernando is definitely not one of those ordinary people (like me). He talked about every each of American Presidents’ fun drug use/drinking stories (George Washington, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln etc) with his passion and natural sense of humor. As Nancy commented, we can tell Fernando possessing a lot of valuable qualities through his remarkable speech: curiosity, sincerity and intelligence.

Speech 2, Lydia Li, “Real Confidence”
Inspired by my 2017 Diary and life experience, I talked about my understanding of real confidence. It’s never built through material possessions/money or any alike consumable stuff but through your accumulated capability of making a fortune and your own accomplishment. Besides, you don’t have to be perfect to be confident, especially given the definition of perfection is most likely determined by other people. As long as we can accept the imperfect us and focus on advance ourselves through constant challenge and trail, we will be able to taste what real confidence is along the way.

Speech 3, Zak Karamally, “What We Fear Most”
Zak gave us a very profound speech, talking about a sad but inevitable fact: Death. Most people would avoid bringing it up because this is what we fear most and would not be able to prepare for it. Moreover, it cannot be compared with any kind of failure due to its irreversibility coming with everlasting and indelible pain. Zak’s speech made me think about not only our source of fear but also the meaning of our lives and what we should do now with those people we cherish and care. Great speech with very moral and insightful purpose behind it.

Evaluation (Thumb up to all of you)
General Evaluator: Haley Warzecha
Evaluator 1: Nancy Hart (So good to have you back!!!)
Evaluator 2: Kirdric Hill
Evaluator 3: Bill Bodwell

Weekly Award Winners
Best Table Topics: Miks (Guest)
Best Speech: Lydia Li
Best Evaluator: Nancy Hart
Toastmaster of the Evening: Lydia Li

These excellent meeting minutes were provided as always by the great Lydia Li! :-)