Best of Dallas – Meeting Recap 10/10/2017

* Meeting minutes thanks to the excellent work of Lydia Li!

We had a another fabulous meeting last night. A special thank you to Mike Weibel, the Toastmaster for the evening. He picked “Time Management” as the theme. Such a topic from which we can benefit in all realms of life profoundly. As Mike said, effectively managing your time helps to reduce your stress level, remain focus on the present and stay positive emotions. Use your time wisely.

Let’s give an applause to Fernando who was the inspirational speaker and Sergeant at Arms in one, warming up our meeting at the beginning.

As always, thank you for all the functionary role holders of the evening. Bruce Yin was Timer. Daniel was Ah-Counter. Dallas as Grammarian picked a very interesting word of the day resurrected by President Trump: Braggadocious. “Wealth, but not in a braggadocious way”. Doesn’t sound paradoxical at all, does it?

Karen, as Table Topics Master prepared several theme-related questions, making us think through time management from multiple angels.

Prepared Speeches

Speech 1, Srishti Chadha, “What the Health”

Srishti gave us a profound speech talking about why we need to live up with the healthy eating habit. Inspired by a documentary, her “carnivorous“ fiancé and herself determine to transition to a Vegan lifestyle. Her speech made us realize that meat (including those we deemed as healthy ones, i.e. organic) are contaminated with the dangerous bacterium, poisoning us progressively. Vegan, on the other hand, not only gets all the nutrients but also saves the planet by switching to a “greener” car to reduce CO2 emission.

Speech 2, Bill Bodwell, “Equifax Hack”

After the speech of “In Search of 850” one month ago, Bill shared some more insights this time regarding the importance of securing our credits given a list of serious consequences stemmed from the Equifax Cybersecurity Breach. In order to protect ourselves from being affected by such hack, Bill suggested us to take precautions in advance through various ways: freeze your credits, contact credit bureau etc. To top it off, be alert and prepared.

Speech 3, Nancy Hart, “Getting to know you”

Nancy’s speech was phenomenal. Her speech enlightened us with the underlying reasons behind introduction regardless of its formality. 1) establish connections 2) Define relationship 3) Exchange respect. Though the way of greeting/introduction varies by people given different personality, culture and nation etc, it’s a great start to getting to know each other at the same time spreading affection, peace and love.

Evaluation (Thumb up to all of you)

General Evaluator: Anthony Williams

Evaluator 1: Dena Delaney

Evaluator 2: Haley Warzecha

Evaluator 3: Steve Malecek


Weekly Award Winners

Best Table Topics: Daniel Villarreal

Best Speech: Nancy Hart

Best Evaluator: Haley Warzecha

Toastmaster of the Evening: Bill Bodwell and Nancy Hart

Important Announcement of this week

Congratulations to Elysha for officially joining the Best of Dallas Toastmaster!

David Patterson: “Take the smallest viable action you can take, take the next action, then the next, and so on and so on. Remember: Motion creates emotion

Thank you to all for the participation! Look forward to our meeting next Tuesday!