Best of Dallas – Meeting Recap 9/12/2017

Summer is over, the year is winding down yet our Tuesday night Toastmaster meeting is still prospering.

A special thank you to Madam Toastmaster, Alex Griffin, who just got back from Europe, not only conducted a meeting expertly but also shared a lot of her traveling experience and tips. Alex recommended us to check out a great EXPERIENCE (NOT Travel) company: Under30Experiences (founded by young entrepreneurs) specialize in authentic, cultural Experiences with boutique accommodations. The theme of “Travel” it is!

Brenda started the meeting with a great inspiration speech. And we had 3 guests coming to visit us!

Thank you for all the functionary role holders of the evening. Sean was Timer. Dallas served as Ah-counter. Bret as Grammarian (first time), picked a very interesting word of the day: VehementlyIt’s all of their first time to serve those roles in BOD. We vehemently appreciate their good job!

Fernando, as Table Topics Master prepared several theme related questions, giving us a chance to learn various interesting travel experience and stories from different people.

Prepared Speeches

Speech 1, Kaitlyn White, “On to Next”-Ice Breaker

Congratulations to Kaitlyn on her ice breaker speech in BOD. Through Kaitlyn’s speech, we get to know how she evolves herself into a life of “travel” which is full of adventures and challenges. From a horse girl to a fashion woman, no matter what she faced along the way, she’s always been passionate about what she is doing at the moment. This Monday, Kaitlyn just embarked herself on a new job. Wish her all the best of it!

Speech 2, Steve Malecek, “Flying High”

What a loving speech/Wedding Toast from Steve! Steve’s daughter is about to getting married. His speech made me feel a spreading warmth through my heart as he showed those life photos of his daughter and son in law. Steve’s speech was also assembled in a very logical manner, leaving us an impression that what a well-matched flying couple could his daughter and son in law be, given their respective professions. (Pilot & “Flying” Nurse)

Speech 3, Zak Karamally, “Great Again?”

Zak gave us a really great speech with very thought-provoking meanings behind it: equal rights of human beings, regardless of nation, culture and appearance. Foundation of what made America truly great. Zak used his own story and American historical facts to have us fully engrossed with his speech. Don’t forget the history. Don’t wander for the future. We need to take action now to make the country great again! Grasp the present!

Speech 4, Elle Hanson, “Striding Well”

Elle did an amazing job on her speech. She shared a lot of great suggestions about how to strive well for our life. Determine what you want by learning what you don’t want; Build up the constitution of resilience and self-consciousness; Surround yourself by wisely people; Give grace and find peace. Thanks to these invaluable insights, I think we will be kicking to curb to evolve into better “self”.


General Evaluator: Elaine Scholly

Evaluator 1: Danni Babik

Evaluator 2: Dena Delaney

Evaluator 3: Danny Oberst

Evaluator 4: Lydia Li


Weekly Award Winners

Best Table Topics: Tom (Guest)

Best Speech: Elle Hanson

Best Evaluator: Lydia Li

Toastmaster of the Evening: Kaitlyn White

Important Announcement of this week

It is time to pay the six months club dues of $90Here is the path to the online payment:

Zak Karamally and Steve Malecek will represent our club to attend the 2017 Area Spring Contest for Humorous Speech and Evaluation on 9/16 (Correct me if I’m wrong about the date). Welcome everyone to be the cheerleader for these 2 gentlemen.

Andre Gide: “It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves”.

Thanks to club Secretary Lydia Li for this meeting recap!