Best of Dallas – Meeting Recap 8/22/2017

This Tuesday, we had another great meeting. A special thank you to Elaine Scholly, the Toastmaster for the evening conducted a fabulous meeting. She picked the theme of “The Whole Summer” and shared a lot of summer related fun things and holidays in America and other countries, which were very intriguing and delightful.

Let’s give a round of applause to Kaitlyn for her first inspiration speech! Great job!

As always, thank you for all the functionary role holders of the evening. I(Lydia) was Timer. Nancy served as noise maker(KIDDING)/Ah-Counter, collecting a respectable sum of “money” for our club. Tochi as Grammarian (first time), picked a very theme related word of the day: ApricateHopefully, nobody got your skin being apricated in the summer months.

Kirdirc, as Table Topics Master prepared several INTERSTING questions pertaining to the summer topic, bringing a lot of fun to our meeting.

Prepared Speeches

Speech 1, Srishti Chadha,, “Fly High”-Ice Breaker

Congratulations to Srishti on her first speech in BOD. She portrayed several vivid stories with small real time conversations to express her feeling when she flew to US from India, when she experienced cultural difference and when she was with her family as a “obedient” child. In her speech, Srishti helped us get to know that she is a very brave girl/Ms. Universe who is immersing herself into her way toward her dreams staunchly.

Speech 2, Bill Bodwell, “In Search of 850”

Bill’s speech was very educational and practical, which was centered around the importance of shooting for better credit scores. He also shared several useful tips on how to boost our credit scores such as: payoff your bills on time, take advantage of new credit lines and diversify credit type etc. Bill’s speech is very well-organized and delivered as always

Speech 3, Fernando Gonzales, “The Joy of Stress”

From the topic to the speech, from the beginning to the end of  speech, our King of Humor, Fernando never failed us for a second. His speech was about how “easy” our life could be if we are just bit more stressful along with the endless cosmetic effects of stress. He gave us many real life examples from which we felt lighter and began to “enjoy” the joy behind the stress.

Speech 4, Karen Polson, “The First”

Karen gave us a great speech talking about the first lottery in America and evolution of lottery from the first landing till today. Karen shared a lot of un-known and fun facts/stories of lottery history in China, Britain and America, which were very interesting. And I was really shocked when I learned how many options/types of lottery now in America and worldwide.


General Evaluator: Mike Weibel

Evaluator 1: Anthony Williams

Evaluator 2: Taylor Newcomb

Evaluator 3: Elle Hanson

Evaluator 4: Sean Owen

Weekly Award Winners

Best Table Topics: Haley Warzech

Best Speech: Srishti Chadha

Best Evaluator: Anthony Williams

Toastmaster of the Evening: Fernando Gonzales

Important Announcement of this week

 Our Fall Club Contest has been scheduled for August 29th  NEXT TUE when there will be two contest formats: Humorous Speeches and Evaluations. Please check the email Danny Oberst sent on 8/24 for detailed information.

Dame Helen Mirren: Every single person, whether they have dominion over your life or not, deservers equal respect and generosity

Thank you to all for the participation! Look forward to our CONTEST next Tuesday!

Thanks to club Secretary Lydia Li for this meeting recap!