Best of Dallas – Meeting Recap 8-8-2017

Hello Fellow Toastmasters and Guests,

We had a packed house this Tuesday. I (Lydia Li) served as the toastmaster for that evening. The theme I picked was “The Givers”. I was inspired by a book I’m currently reading: “Give and Take” from Adam Grant. In traditional old-school reciprocity, people operated like matchers, trading value back and forth with one another. We helped the people who helped us, and we gave to the people from whom we wanted something in return. But today, givers are able to spark a more powerful form of reciprocity.

Gladly, we had 4 guests coming to visit us this Tuesday, Gretchen, Robin Jacob and Bret. Moreover, congratulation to Kaitlyn for officially joining the Best of Dallas Toastmaster!

Thanks Dena for stepping up in the last minute (literally) and giving us a fabulous opening/inspiration.

Thank you for all the functionary role holders of the evening. Haley’s first time Ah-Counter, very well-done! Mr. Timer/Vote Counter, Kirdric. And grammarian, Anthony, picked a very “theme” word for the day: Reciprocate.

Danni, as the table topic master, prepared several great questions centered around the theme.

Prepared Speeches

Speech 1, Tochi Ajiwe, Unmerited Favor”-Ice Breaker

Congrats on Tochi’s first speech! Well delivered speech that expressed Tochi’s real feelings as he went through the obstacles to develop his life portal. By doing so, Tochi made us get to know who he is a person: a young adult, perplexed sometimes (like most of us), diligent and faithful.

Speech 2, Nancy Hart, “My Superhero Wears a Sweater with a Zipper”

I almost broke into tears thanks to Nancy’ genuine speech. Nancy talked about her lifelong hero, Mr. Fred Rodger, an authentic, giving and loving man who spent his whole life dedicating to children. And Nancy herself was one of those lucky kids. Thank you Nancy for leaving us 10s at last to think of the people we cherish most in our life.

Speech 3, Alex Griffin, “Healthy Eating Hacks”

Another fabulous speech given by Alex! Alex always shared a lot of useful tips with us on how to stay healthy. This time, she brought her secret eating substitutions explaining how to satisfy our flavor cravings at the same time fill us up in a healthy way. (I even bought that sweet drops made with stevia she recommended the second day. It’s really NEAT!)

Speech 4, Elaine Scholly,“Before Judges and Juries”

Elaine gave us a great speech talking about her fun experience before judges and juries. Her speech, as always, succeeded in engaging with her audience in an animated way with natural gesture and vocal variety fitting like a glove. We all very enjoyed her jury stories.


General Evaluator: Terri Johnson

Evaluator 1: Bill Bodwell

Evaluator 2: Fernando Gonzales

Evaluator 3: Steve Malececk

Evaluator 4: Danny Oberst

Weekly Award Winners

Best Table Topics: Haley Warzech

Best Speech: Tochi Ajiwe

Best Evaluator: Danny Oberst

Toastmaster of the Evening: Tochi Ajiwe

There were several books mentioned during the meeting this week:

-“Give and Take”— Adam Grant

-“The Five Love Languages—Gary Chapman

-“I’m Proud of You: Life Lessons from My Friend Fred Rogers”—Tim Madigan

-“Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World”—Adam Grant

Important Announcement of this week

  1. Our Fall Club Contest has been scheduled for August 29thwhen there will be two contest formats: Humorous Speeches and Evaluations.
  2. Everyone, please remember to bring both of the 2 manuals (CC & CL) to ourmeeting.

Thank you to all for the participation! Look forward to our next meeting!

Abraham Lincoln-“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”.