Best of Dallas – Meeting Recap 8/1/2017

Hello Fellow Toastmasters,


This Tuesday, we had another great meeting. A special thank you to Mr. Anthony Williams, the toastmaster for the evening expertly conducted a meeting, discussing the theme of “Tools of Titans”, whose name comes from an exceptional book, part philosophy, part business, and part story with most important lessons from the dozens of successful people from all walks of life the author has befriended or interviewed. Anthony shared a lot of great insightful perspectives inspiring all of us. For instance, there is no need to wait when you really crave for something.(inspired by Peter Thiel)


We had one guest coming to visit us on Tuesday. (That would be much appreciated if anyone could remind me of her name)


Congratulation to Haley Warzech for officially joining the Best of Dallas Toastmaster!


Let’s give a round of applause to Srishti for her first inspiration speech. She did a really great job!


Thank you for all the functionary role holders of the evening. Brenda and Tochi’s first time Ah-Counter and Timer respectively. Bill picked a very powerful word for the day: Fortitude.


Steve, who filled in the role of the table topic master in the last min, saved the day at the same time did an excellent job by providing several interesting questions (quotes) centered around the theme.


Prepared Speeches

Speech 1, Sean Owen, “Texas, How did I get here”-Ice Breaker

Sean’s second speech in BOD. He gave us another great speech talking about his life stories involving his family and personal experience in a very delightful way. He really is an adventurer.


Speech 2, Mike Weibel, “Roles Models and Good Ideas”

Mike’s speech was fabulous. From Superman to Dale Carnegie encompassed with a couple of stories, Mike lightened us with those great ideas come from his role models, articulating how to develop our leadership skills to influence people profoundly.


Speech 3, Taylor Newcomb, “Icebreaker Redux”

Our second icebreaker speech of the evening from Taylor was also outstanding. His speech wound up engaging with audiences proactively because of his great sense of humor and sincerity. Fun stories, fun person.


Speech 4, Danny Orbest, “That Other Manual”

Special thanks to Danny here for giving us a very well-educated and persuasive speech, talking about the importance and usage of “That OTHER Manual-Competence Leadership” from which we can reap many benefits to better foster our leadership skills.



General Evaluator: Fernando Gonzalez

Evaluator 1: Danni Babik

Evaluator 2: Elaine Scholly

Evaluator 3: Lydia Li

Evaluator 4: Karen Polson

Weekly Award Winners

Best Table Topics: Haley Warzech

Best Speech: Taylor Newcomb

Best Evaluator: Elaine Scholly

Toastmaster of the Evening: Mike Weibel


Important Announcement of this week

  1. Our Fall Club Contest has been scheduled for August 29thwhen there will be two contest formats: Humorous Speeches and Evaluations.
  2. TLI Last Chance Training will be held on Aug 5that Collins College. Please find the information from its web link:
  3. Everyone, please remember to bring both of the 2 manuals (CC & CL) to ourmeeting.
  4. A BIG announcement from Danni Babik—Come to themeetingnext time if you want to know J


Elon Musk “No matter how hard you work, there’s always someone somewhere working even harder”


Thank you to all for the participation! Look forward to our next meeting!