Best of Dallas – Meeting Recap 3/14/2017

Hello everyone,
Thank you to everyone who joined Best of Dallas for our March 14, 2017, meeting. A special thank you to the Toastmaster of the evening, Shiny Wu, who conducted a great meeting. Also thank you to our guests: David, Khaled, Michael, and LaKeisha.
Also, congratulations to Elaine S. for officially joining Best of Dallas!
The theme of the night was “The first time…in my life.” The word of the day was “epoch.”  I served as Table Topic Master and provided questions related to the “The first time…in my life” theme.
Prepared Speeches:
David Alpuche – My Speech
David delivered a very eye-opening speech regarding speech; specifically, the nuances of stuttering.
Fernando Gonzales – Chaos Monkey
Fernando gave a great speech regarding the Chaos Monkey, a tool used by Netflix to keep its cloud operating it tip-top form.
Bill Bodwell – Obamacare vs Trumpcare
Bill gave an informative and timely speech comparing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and the American Health Care Act (Trumpcare).
Weekly Award Winners
Best Table Topics: Zak Karamally
Best Speech: David Alpuche
Best Evaluator: Kris Perez
Toastmaster of the Evening: David Alpuche
Thank you to all the role holders.
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“The bigger the hurdle in front of you, the more satisfaction you get from overcoming it”  – Danny Oberst 
See you all next week!
Anthony W.