Best of Dallas – Meeting Recap 01/17/17

Hello fellow Toastmasters,

We had a great meeting last night. Out Toastmaster for the evening was Kirdric Hill. He expertly guided us through the meeting discussing the theme of the night: Holidays!

We had quite a few guests join us for the meeting. The room update on the website was very helpful and allowed them to find us. We hope (no promises) to have our regular room back next week and that Nancy, Alex, Sai, and Kevin can join us once again.

We had some last minute adjustments to the agenda and we thank Danny O. and Kevin (guest) for stepping up and taking roles.

Our functionaries were as follows:

  • Ah-counter – Danny Oberst
  • Grammarian – Lydia Li
  • Timer/Vote Counter – Shannon Komodore

Our Table Topics Master for the night was Danny. He had very interesting questions that were related to the theme. As a result, we had intriguing stories as answers depicting college shenanigans (mouse kisses), a discussion with aliens, and Kevin ended up on the floor once.

Our speeches for the night were presented by:

  • Alex Griffin – CC Project #5: Your Body Speaks, You Are Note Necessarily What You Eat
  • Anthony Williams – CC Project #2: Organize Your Speech, Constitution

Alex’s speech was very informative. We learned that not all fat is bad. And, if included in your diet correctly, you can still have a healthy lifestyle. I heard that i could eat fat so i’m running with that.

Anthony impressed us with his dedication to his commitments. He encouraged us to form our own constitution to help use stay true to our own commitments – as he did by presenting his speech even though he did not have time to write it before the meeting.

Our evaluators for the night were:

  • General Evaluator – Kris Perez
  • Evaluator – Kevin Wence
  • Evaluator – Terri Johnson

Finally, the award winners were:

  • Table Topics – Kevin Wence
  • Speech – Alex Griffin
  • Evaluator – Terri johnson
  • Enthusiasm – Anthony Williams

A great time was had by all. See you next time!


Kris Perez,