Best of Dallas – Meeting Recap 11/22/16

Good afternoon, Toastmasters!

We had another great meeting last night. It was a very energetic meeting filled with lots of laughs and involvement. I think we were all in the holiday spirit. Speaking of which, last night’s theme was “Thanksgiving”. Terri guided us wonderfully through the meeting while also giving us advice on Thanksgiving etiquette regarding:

– being a guest on Thanksgiving
– shopping
– and, gratitude (But, in the end, she said we should indulge)

Lydia was our Inspiration for the night. She excelled at the task, as Kirdric stated, bridging last week’s theme (Happiness) with the theme of last night. She even did her homework and watched the movie Bill recommended, “The Pursuit of Happiness”. Great job!

Mr. Steve Malecek was our Table Topics Master. As always, his questions were very intriguing. The buildup to the questions was also very entertaining. Thank you for the questions, Steve.

The functionaries for the night were:

Ah-counter – Bill
Grammarian – Danni B.
Timer/Voter Counter – Jay

Now, I left my notes at the meeting, so I apologize for not have the Project and Title for our two speeches. They were great speeches presented by Shiny and Garrett.

Shiny’s speech focused on her relationship with her Mother who is in Taiwan. Shiny’s Mother has always gone the extra mile for her, but as her mom as aged, it has been difficult to communicate. Also, due to the distance, it is also difficult for Shiny to visit on a regular basis. But, her mother has made the visit to the state’s, especially to make sure that our fruit is as good as the fruit in their roof garden. Now, Shiny will be running to visit her mom for the next 7 weeks.

Garrett was the second speaker of the night. His topic was about flipping houses. It was very informative, but also very entertaining and engaging. I think we all learned a few things if we ever want to attempt to flip a house. Most importantly, the money is made when you buy, not when you sell. Remember to pay attention to your budget (then double it), and be careful in choosing you contractor.

Our GE was Kirdric!

The evaluators were Fernando and Alex.

Finally, our winners for the night were:

Table Topics – Shannon
Speech – Shiny
Evaluator – Alex
Toasty w/ the Most-e – Lydia

Best of Dallas 11/22/2016 Winners!

In addition, here are last weeks winners:

Best of Dallas 11/152016 Winners!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

(Remember to talk about politics during dinner, like Bill mentioned. Or, avoid the topic, as Terri suggests. Up to you.