Best of Dallas – Meeting Recap 11/8/16

Hello fellow Toastmasters,

Our Toastmaster of the night, Danny Oberst, led us through another great meeting. The theme of the night was “Comic Strips”. And, our Word of the Day was:

Raucous – loud and harsh sounding

We also had a new member join, Lydia Lee!

Our role holders were:

Ah-counter – Shannon Komodore
Grammarian – Alex Griffin
Timer/Vote Counter – Dena Delaney

Table Topics Master – Jose Ramos

Our speeches were:

“What I Learned from Country Music”, CC Project #6, Vocal Variety, by Terri Johnson

“Movies and Motivation: Learning Lessons”, CC Project #4, How to say it, by Kris Perez

“Coffee: The Rest of the Story”, CC Project #6, Vocal Variety, by Bill Bodwell

Participating in the Evaluations were:

General Evaluator – Jay Niaz
Evaluator 1 – Steve Malecek
Evaluator 2 – Shiny Wu
Evaluator 3 – Kirdric Hill

Our winners were:

Table Topics – Alex
Speaker – Kris
Evaluator – Shiny
Toasty w/ the Most-E – Kris

Hope to see everybody next week!