Best of Dallas – Meeting Recap 10/11/16

Hello fellow Toastmasters,

10/11/16 - Winners!

We had a packed house on Tuesday night with great energy. Our Toastmaster for the night was Steve Malecek. The them was Space Travel. What a great topic, that in my opinion, really can capture someone’s imagination. We learned a lot about Space Travel and where it may be headed in the not so distant future.

Adding the to excitement, we had two guests, Patricia and Alma.

Moreover, we had a new member join: Lance!

And, it was our pleasure to welcome back a well-known past member, Jef! Thanks for visiting.

Our functionaries for the meeting were:

Ah-counter – Alex
Grammarian – Jose
Timer/vote counter – Kirdric

Table Topics Master – Kris

Speaking at the meeting, we had Anthony and Bill.

Anthony Williams – Competent Communication #1, “Ice Breaker” – Through Every Tribulation
– Well delivered speech that expressed Anthony’s admiration, respect, and love for his father-in-law, Batu. By doing so, Anthony provided insight on who he is a person. Points for originality.

Bill Bodwell – Competent Communication #8, “Get Comfortable with Visual Aids” – Circadian Rhythm
– Bill gave an informative and educational speech on circadian rhythm by skillfully using a projector, slides, and blue light deflecting lenses. He had great use of visual aids and was able to simply educate us on how a proper circadian rhythm is important for health and sleep.

Participating in the evaluation portion of the meeting were:

General Evaluator – Danny O.
Evaluator #1 – Danni B.
Evaluator #2 – Jay

As for the awards, the winners were…

Table Topics – Jef
Evaluator – Dani
Toasty and Speaker: Anthony

Great job, everyone!

Until next time!