Best of Dallas – Meeting Recap 9/13/16 | Table Topics & Humorous Speech Contests

Hello fellow Toastmasters,

We had a special meeting last night in which a few of our members competed in two contests: Table Topics and Humorous Speech.
In order to make the contest possible, we also needed the participation of other members in specific roles. They were as follows:
Contest Chair – Bill Bodwell
Contest Master – Dena Delaney
Chief Judge – Danni Babik
Timer – Karen Polson
Ballot Counter – Steve Malecek
Programs/Certificates – Bill Bodwell
First up, we had the Table Topics speech, where each participant was asked the same question. The participants that had not been asked the question had to wait outside in order not hear the question. The participants picked at random to select the order of participation. The participants and order were:
1. Ronnie Eichler
2. Anthony Williams
3. Mitchell Gulledge
4. Danny Oberst
5. Jose Ramos
3rd place was awarded to Ronnie, and Jose took home the Silver.
Inline image 2
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As the main event, we had the Humorous Speech contest. There were two participants:
1. Danny
2. Mitchell
Danny, gave a clever and comical speech depicting the a Toastmasters introduction and infancy into the organization in A Toastmaster is Born.
Mitchell followed with a funny personal story regarding his first and only experience fishing for Spinner Sharks. Sometimes bait makes you think about your life choices.
Thank you to all who participated!
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And now, the winners who will be representing us in the Area 35 Contests on October 8th, 2016, are:
Table Topics – 1st Place: Danny Oberst
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Humorous Speech – 1st Place: Mitchell Gulledge
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Great job, everyone! Thanks again to all who participated and played a role.
Until next time!