Six speeches, six evaluations, one great meeting.

Six speeches. Six evaluations. One meeting. Is it even possible?
On December 1, we found out.

Our first Speech-a-Thon

When many members have a goal to finish speeches and are having difficulty finding the openings to speak, Toastmasters clubs such as Best of Dallas are welcome to hold a speech-a-thon. During a speech-a-thon, many of the regular parts of a Toastmasters meeting are passed over in order to allow as many speeches and evaluations as possible. At our meeting, we had three speeches and evaluations followed by another set of three speeches and evaluations. VP of Membership Chi Njoku spearheaded this effort, chairing the event (and earning leadership credit for doing so) and while there were naturally some bumpy moments during our first effort, she did a spectacular job. Although the Toastmaster of the meeting is generally not eligible for awards, the club unanimously voted that Chi should receive the Enthusiasm Award ribbon for her spirit and hard work.

Images from the Speech-a-Thon


Area 35 Director TJ Johnson served as our General Evaluator.
Area 35 Director TJ Johnson served as our General Evaluator.
DeWayne Hughes
DeWayne Hughes explains his role as Ah Counter.
Patricia Soto
Members listen intently as Patricia Soto explains the timing rules.
Chi Njoku
Toastmaster and Speech-a-thon Chair Chi Njoku introduces the meeting in front of the Big D Toastmasters banner that has yet to be reclaimed after November’s banner raid.

Did we meet our goal?

YES! Six excellent speeches and evaluations were given. We learned about topics ranging from procrastination to clearing your inbox to the importance of vitamin C. We did go a little bit over our usual meeting time, but everyone was enjoying themselves so much that nobody minded. At our next speech-a-thon, we’re sure to do even better.