New Officers Elected for 2016

On November 17, Best of Dallas Toastmasters held their bi-annual officer elections. The word of the day was suffrage, a noun, meaning the right to vote. Over half of the elections were contested, and all candidates gave brief speeches about their roles. In the end, these were the results:

Best of Dallas Officers, January-June 2016

President: Kat Mayerovitch
Vice President of Education: Bill Bodwell
Vice President of Membership: Chi Njoku
Vice President of Public Relations: Ifeoma Irokwe
Treasurer: José Ramos
Secretary: Patricia Soto
Sergeant-at-Arms: Danny Oberst
Immediate Past President: Danni Babik

Also unanimously elected by the membership was Johnny Nguyen as Chair of the Mentorship Committee. Kirdric Hill was nominated for the position of webmaster, pending his acceptance.

All officers have committed to attending one of the Toastmasters Leadership Institute trainings for their role, so that we can continue to achieve 100% officer training this year. Best of luck to all our officers and members in the new year!

photo (7)
From left to right: Chi Njoku, Patricia Soto, Ifeoma Irokwe, Kat Mayerovitch, Bill Bodwell, Danny Oberst, and Jose Ramos.