Best of Dallas Toastmasters recognized at District 50 Conference

The District 50 Toastmasters Fall Conference took place on November 13-24, 2015. Our club had three members attending, and our President Kat Mayerovitch attended the Business Meeting on the club’s behalf.

Club Recognition

As it turned out, we’re not the only people who think Best of Dallas Toastmasters is pretty great. The District also took note of some of our positive developments, including …

New Club
We chartered! While June seems like ages ago, starting a new club from scratch is nothing to scoff at.

100% Officers Trained
Every single one of our officers received training in their role this summer at one or more Toastmasters Leadership Institutes. Winter TLI sessions will be happening as early as December, so keep your eyes open for the dates and times. Only two other clubs from Metro Division earned this recognition; let’s keep up the good work!

Sparkling Pixels
Our club website was recognized by District 50 for having met the six Sparkling Pixel criteria. Our website:

  • is listed correctly at Toastmasters International
  • follows the Toastmasters Brand guidelines
  • clearly presents meeting information
  • offers a process for getting in touch
  • is personalized with up-to-date information
  • links to both the Toastmasters International and District 50 websites

Individual Recognition

In addition to our club as a whole, individual members of Best of Dallas Toastmasters were also recognized for their accomplishments and their contributions to Toastmasters.

Harold Hinsley
Harold served as a judge at multiple contests across the District this contest season, working towards his ultimate goal of some day judging at the World Championship of Public Speaking.

Bill Bodwell
Bill earned another Competent Communicator award. He started another manual just last week, so it won’t be long before he earns yet another again!

Kat Mayerovitch
Kat earned her Competent Leader award and taught during Summer TLI.

Andrew Graham
While former member Andrew Graham left Texas for new opportunities, we are still grateful for the work he did in helping to found our club and serving as our Club Sponsor.

Chi Njoku
Chi was recognized as an Individual Sponsor, having brought three new members into Toastmasters. There were only a handful of people in the entire District earning this distinction, many of whom were officers at the Division and District level. We’re very lucky to have her as our VP of Membership!

Danni Babik
Danni was recognized for many of the roles she plays: Club Sponsor, TLI Instructor, serving on a Demonstration Team that put on demo meetings to help start new clubs, and in other ways. But the biggest was being presented with the Heart of District 50 Award, The Heart of District 50 Award is designed to recognize district members with true servant’s hearts. They have the need to serve their fellow Toastmasters and District 50. They display with their actions “Confidence, Leadership, and Service” to help others as they serve. While we may not have a fancy plaque at our disposal, we’re just as thrilled to have Danni as part of our club as District 50 is to have her in the district. Congrats on this well-earned award!

What will we accomplish next?

Did you know that if we only get ONE more Competent Leader, ONE more Competent Communicator, and ONE new member, our club will be Distinguished by December? Is there ONE thing you can do to help our club accomplish even more goals? Think about it. What do you hope to achieve in the second half of the Toastmasters year?