Our First Officer Elections

New Best of Dallas Toastmasters Officers
From Left to Right: Johnny Nguyen, Jef McDonough, Kat Mayerovitch, Ifeoma Irokwe, Bill Bodwell, Chi Njoku, and Harold Hinsley

The first set of officers for Best of Dallas Toastmasters volunteered their time and energy during the initial planning meetings to form the club. But we always knew that we’d charter before the end of the Toastmasters year (coming up on June 30), and would need to have proper officer elections for those who would serve in this capacity for a full six months or beyond. This was especially true since some of our charter officers will soon be heading off to school, are becoming immersed in work, or are simply VERY busy juggling the five clubs they’re a member of. (Ask Danni how she manages that; we still haven’t quite figured it out.)

Beginning in July, the Executive Committee for Best of Dallas Toastmasters will be as follows:

Best of Dallas Officers, July-December 2015

President: Kat Mayerovitch
Vice President of Education: Bill Bodwell
Vice President of Membership: Chi Njoku
Vice President of Public Relations: Ifeoma Irokwe
Treasurer: Jef McDonough
Secretary: Harold Hinsley
Sergeant-at-Arms: Johnny Nguyen

Danni Babik will also continue to serve on the Executive Committee as the Immediate Past President.

Each of these members is embarking on a six month journey of excellence in learning and leadership. As Johnny said in his election speech, “I don’t want to be an average Joe. Not even a good Joe. I want to be a great Joe.” We wish all our officers the best!