Striving for Excellence

The following inspiration was shared by Best of Dallas Toastmasters member Dena Delaney at our June 2 meeting. 

Most of us come to Toastmasters to try to improve ourselves in some way. Whether we’re facing fears, working to be better communicators, or improving our leadership skills, our goals are the same. We are all on a journey of striving to do and be our best.

Through our efforts in this club we not only improve ourselves but we also help each other improve. We share our experiences, our passions, our ideas, and our struggles. We offer encouragement and suggestions for improvement. We lift each other up, to help each other do and be our best.

Each time we have an opportunity to speak or serve in a role we have an opportunity to make a contribution to this club. Each time we participate, we learn and improve our own skills but we also give something back. Whether we are educating, inspiring, entertaining, or offering feedback, when we share, we’re helping someone else improve as well.

We’re all here with the common goal to improve ourselves. As we begin this journey in this new club, let’s all strive to be our best. In striving to do and be our best, we’ll help build a club that can help others do and be their best too.